3 Giorni in Minibus, Tour Speciale nelle Langhe e alla Fiera del Tartufo d'Alba

Wine, “tonda gentile” hazelnut, the spectacle of foliage, local gastronomy and the International Fair of the White Truffle in Alba *During this time of the year, Langhe and Monferrato are the ideal places for a holiday.* Nature is beautiful and has amazing colors: the yellows, greens, and reds mix and make everything more impressive.

The grapes have already been harvested, and it is time to taste the wines from previous years, matching them with cheese, mushrooms, vegetables, Piedmontese meat, hazelnut cakes or fragrant nougat.

And then there is the *International Fair of the White Truffle in Alba* with all the associated initiatives, tastings, historical reenactments and the world market of truffles. The only issue is that among many proposals, and many people who converge in these hills, traveling alone can be challenging and time consuming: find parking, finding the right place to eat, the producer who organizes the best tasting, the most authentic places.

For this we invite you to sit comfortably on our minibus and let yourself be carried, in a calm rhythm of landscapes and tastes, to enjoy a 100% vacation that we are sure you will want to redo every year! bit.ly/GiroolaTruffleFair

From 01/11/2019 to 03/11/2019