4 Giorni in Minibus, Tour speciale alla scoperta dei formaggi piemontesi: Cheese a Bra, Castelmagno, Roccaverano

The extraordinary cheese fair “Cheese, the state of raw milk” in Bra, in the land of Slow Food, Goat robiolas in the Langa Astigiana, the sumptuous Castelmagno in Valgrana Cheese making here in Piedmont is an art, deeply connected to the territory, to the green mountains, to the rugged hills, and to the tradition of breeders and shepherds. On this trip we can visit a Castelmagno dairy farm in the Valle Grana Valley, and then enjoy it in its perfect combination with gnocchi, and taste the tasty and unmistakable “robiola di Roccaverano”, sitting in the square in the village of the same name, in front of the famous Church by Bramante and in the shadow of the Saracen Tower. We will visit the farm of a young cheese maker that will surprise us with his award-winning “capreggio”, caciotta and robiola, and pairings with the classic condensed must and jams. We will also visit an unmissable event for cheese lovers: “Cheese, the state of raw milk”, held every two years in Bra and which celebrated its 20th anniversary in its last edition with 300,000 visitors in 2017.

In Bra, the home of the Slow Food movement, cheese makers from all over the world (the majority Italian and French) will meet, and there are many opportunities to taste and discover, such as the “Italian and International market”, the Enoteca, the “Gran Sala dei formaggi”, etc. We will go there on Friday, in our opinion the most interesting day, and we will get together with our Sergio, a chef and cheese expert, who will guide us in a tasting experience between Italy and France.

Incredible landscapes between mountain and the hills, from the Sanctuary of San Magno to the Castle of Grinzane, from Pollenzo to Moasca, winery visits and tastings, and the discovery of cheeses directly from the producers, and at the fair at Cheese. The ingredients of this trip are a promise for an unforgettable experience. bit.ly/CheeseFairGiroola

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From 19/09/2019 to 22/09/2019