5 Giorni in Moto Tutti i Passi del Piemonte, Avventura su e giù per i 25 passi delle Alpi Occidentali

5 Days by Motorcycle Piedmont all mountain passes, adventure up and down 25 passes of Western Alps We have imagined a week long trip that covers all mountain passes in Piedmont and the Aosta Valley (and also some French ones), those that are doable with a motorcycle, from the start of the Alps all the way to the Simplon pass.

Then we added some of the mythical transalpine peaks, the arrival at the Nivolet, and voila! 25 mountain passes (with some bonuses) over 1600km some thousands of curves 5 days - so we will have time to get a coffee now and then as well! :) the most beautiful (according to us) and highest (according to the maps) views in Europe A small epic expedition to remember and to be told This year there will not be unpaved road (except 2 km, very easy, and that can be avoided) This is a tour and not a race by any means, but in order to be able to complete the tour, take pictures and eat some sandwiches and cofee along the way, we will have to maintain a steady good pace for the whole trip. Some stretches are quite narrow, with some potholes, switchbacks, cows at pasture, etc...

You will need to have a little experience driving a bike, and to be willing to spend the majority of the day on the saddle. All will be abundantly rewarded by the panoramas, the scents, the colors, but above all by the celebratory “Tutti passi Giroola 2019” (that you will get as a souvenir to celebrate the feat!) This trip has been organized and conceived by Marco, who does it every year. He says it will be a lot of fun. Are you coming with us? bit.ly/MotoAllPasses

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From 13/08/2019 to 17/08/2019