Entitled “Visible Invisible”, the sixth edition of Biennale Democrazia presents a reflection on innovation and distortions produced by a world of “very high visibility”. Information, images and data, elaborated by constantly updated technology, have become the connective tissue of our existence.
How do human and social relations change, and how does politics change, in the age of exhibitionism, celebrity, fiction, of emotions experienced “live”, which transform real life into reality TV? Which social phenomena are in fact clouded by this surplus of information?
And how many?
How can we deal with old and new invisible powers that are able to condition individuals and the collective covered by the veil of secrecy?
How can we shake off our role of simple spectators while faced with the crisis in democracy, which is getting worse every day?
The matter has been divided into three thematic courses: “Light and shadow”, “The society of transparency”, “From dusk till dawn”.

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Sedi Varie, Torino (TO)

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