The imposing outline of the Castle of Malgrà has been marking the outline of the town of Rivarolo since 1333, the year in which the Counts of San Martino began its construction.
Built as a military presidium, it then became a welcoming noble mansion thanks to a series of important structural and decorative interventions, made possible by the peacetime which began in the 14th century.
The building originally included two separate parts and a tall defence tower, it was extended by adding a floor to the west wing and embellished by frescoes over the main entrance and under the small porch in the inner courtyard. At the beginning of the 17th century, ownership was transferred to the Gria family and subsequently to the Cortina of Favria family.
Large salons with ceilings decorated with flowers, now temporary exhibition rooms, were obtained in the north wing during the 17th century. Architect Boggio di San Giorgio designed the elegant staircase leading to the first-floor corridor, marked by round-arched windows overlooking the Canavese countryside.
Towards the end of the 19th century, thanks to the shrewd foresight of Countess Natalia Francesetti, the experienced Alfredo d’Andrade and his collaborator Carlo Nigra arrived at the Rivarolo castle in order to implement a grand and stylish refurbishment.
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