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Departure: Avigliana
Arrival: Avigliana
Elevation change: 960 m
Development: 77 km

An itinerary of 77 km with a height change of 960 m, which joins the Bassa Val Susa with the Lanzo Valleys. The Colle del Lys is a Natural Park of interest in the province: from here you can enjoy a beautiful view ranging from the plain to the north of Turin to the one at Cuneo and through to the Alpi Marittime. Route: Avigliana, Almese, Rubiana, Mompellato, Colle del Lys, Col San Giovanni, Viù, Germagnano, Lanzo Torinese, Fiano, Truc di Miola, La Cassa, Givoletto, Grange di Brione, Caselette, Avigliana.
, 10051 Avigliana (TO)

45.0792801, 7.3966763