Coronavirus: What to know when you arrive here

Art. 3 - Further measures for the containment of contagion in some areas of the national territory characterized by a scenario of the greatest severity and of a high level of risk


  • any movement into and out of the territories referred to in paragraph 1, as well as within the same territories, is prohibited, except for movements motivated by proven work needs or situations of necessity or for health reasons. In any case, the movements strictly necessary to ensure in-presence teaching are allowed within the limits for which it is permitted. Return to one's home, or residence is allowed.
    Transit through the territories referred to in paragraph 1 is permitted if it necessary to reach other territories not subject to travel restrictions or in cases where travel is permitted according to this decree;

  • retail commercial activities are suspended, with the exception of the sale of food and basic necessities identified in Annex 23, both in neighborhood businesses and in medium and large sales structures, shopping centers included, provided that access is allowed only to the aforementioned activities and without prejudice to the closures on holidays and days before holidays referred to in Article 1, paragraph 9, lett. ff).
    Street markets are closed, regardless of the type of activity carried out, except for activities aimed at the sale of foodstuffs only.
    Newsstands, tobacconists, pharmacies and parapharmacies remain open

  • catering services (including bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, pastry shops) are suspended, with the exception of canteens and continuous catering on a contractual basis provided that the protocols or guidelines aimed at preventing or containing the contagion are complied with.
    Only catering with home delivery is permitted in compliance with health and hygiene regulations for both packaging and transportation activities, as well as catering with takeaway up to 10 pm, with a ban on consumption on the spot or in the nearby vicinity.
    In any case, the food and beverage outlets located in the service and refueling areas located along motorways, in hospitals and airports remain open, with the obligation, in any case, to ensure the compliance with the rule of maintaining an interpersonal distance of at least one meter;

  • all the activities provided for in article 1, paragraph 9, letters f) and g) are suspended, including those carried out in outdoor sports centers; all events and competitions organized by sports-promoting organizations are also suspended;

  • it is allowed to carry out motorial activities individually in the vicinity of one's home provided that, in any case, a social distancing is maintained of at least one meter from any other person and with the obligation of using respiratory protection devices;
    it is also allowed to carry out sports activities exclusively outdoors and individually;

  • With the exception of in-person teaching in kindergartens, primary schools, educational services for children referred to in Article 2 of Legislative Decree no. 65 of April 13, 2017, as well as the first year of junior high school, school and teaching activities are to be carried out exclusively at a distance.
    The possibility of carrying out in-person activities remains if the use of laboratories is necessary or is necessary to maintain an educational relationship that achieves the effective scholastic inclusion of students with disabilities and special educational needs, in accordance with the provisions of Ministerial Decree No. 89 of August 7, 2020, and by order no. 134 of the Minister of Education of October 9, 2020, guaranteeing in any case the online connection with the students of the class who are in integrated digital learning mode;

  • the in-person attendance of training and curricular activities of the universities and institutions of higher training in art, music and dance is suspended, without prejudice in any case to the continuation of such activities at a distance.
    Courses for doctors in specialist training, specific training courses in general medicine, as well as the activities of trainees in the health professions and other activities, educational or curricular, possibly identified by the Universities, after consulting with the Regional University Committee of reference, can continue, where necessary, also in the in-person mode. In any case, in compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of University and Research, referred to in Annex 18, as well as on the basis of the protocol for the management of confirmed and suspected cases of COVID-19, referred to in Annex 22 remains valid; the provisions referred to in this letter are also applied, as far as is compatible, to institutions of higher education in art, music and dance;

  • activities relating to personal well-being are suspended, other than those identified in Annex 24;

  • public employers must limit the presence of personnel in the workplace to ensure only those activities which they consider cannot be postponed and which necessarily require in-person presence, also due to the management of the emergency; staff not working according to the in-person mode will carry out their work in the smart-working mode.

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Minister of Health Decree of November 19, 2020 (in Italian language)


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