Degli Alpini a Punta Charrà

Tipo attività outdoor

An equipped route that crosses the northern slope of Punta Charrà with a length of more than one kilometre, from the Mulattiera Pass, 2412 m., to the Sanità Pass, 2629 m.


From Turin motorway A32 oulx exit ovest (West) take direction Beaulard Bardonecchia.From Beaulard with the road up to the village of Puys and continue along the dirt road to the Colletto del Colomion , about 2,000 meters, where it is recommended to leave the car because the road just beyond is interrupted, and the parking is difficult, parking.


Follow on foot the route of the road to the Passo della Mulattiera.From Passo della Mulattiera climb the steep path (signpost and blue signals) over the barracks that soon takes you to the top of "Ferrata". Once at the Passo della Sanità you can climb to the summit of Punta Charrà (2,844 m.) Following the East ridge, first with the path trail on the grassy ridge then, on the rocky ridge skirting a series of spikes on the south side, easy but requires some caution and mountaineering experience.


Retracing the same route.

Note: high mountain Route to be undertaken only with good and hiking knowledge, only in summer.

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