Esperienza Gin

Esperienza Gin is a 1 h 30 min. workshop run by a leading expert of mixology and Gin, Fulvio Piccinino. Sandal wood, mace, ireos, musk rose: a unique and spiced journey around the world, travelling from Ancient Egypt, through the Middle Ages, up to the Renaissance with the first juniper spirit and, finally, to the Rosolio of Turin. You will have the chance to smell, touch and taste some of the spices that make a Gin… During the storytelling you will taste three different kinds of Gin: you can draw inspiration from them! You will choose your favourite ingredients to create your own personal recipe. You will have in front of you a workstation set up with herbs and spices, professional tinctures, pure juniper distillate, a dropper and a funnel. At the end of the activity you will take home your personal Gin bottle. The experience ends with a guided lesson on how to make a gin tonic and a final toast all together!
From 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019