evening opening of Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama

on Saturday

Extraordinary evening opening of Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama Turin reveals itself in all its beauty, in the magic of the evening, in its most charming and regal dress!

Turin’s spectacular Royal Palace and majestic Palazzo Madama open their doors exclusively in the evening for an incredibly fascinating and evocative guided tour of the city’s two iconic palaces.

An itinerary in Beauty and History in a night of enchantment, a true "journey through Time," wrapped in the magical atmosphere of Piazza Castello, to cross the threshold of the two Savoy residences par excellence. For one Night, as in the past, we will immerse ourselves in the eternal charm of Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Reale with an extraordinary opening, to make us relive an ancient and fascinating Turin.

Palazzo Madama will welcome us with its majestic facade, elegance and opulence. It will be a journey through the centuries among the immense halls wonderfully frescoed, full of works of art, sumptuous furnishings and compelling stories that tell of its glorious past of exclusive parties and receptions. We will then discover the Royal Palace from the Salone degli Svizzeri, the Throne Room, the imposing Royal Armory to the marvelous Daniel Gallery, amid hidden symbols and mythology, the secrets of heraldry and the coded language of power...

A unique opportunity to contemplate these two architectural and artistic jewels... All in one night!

Fees: € 39.50 per person / € 29.00 per person under 12 Possibility to combine the tour with a mouth-watering Apericena at Caffè Reale. In collaboration with: FEDERALBERGHI TORINO, CONSORZIO TERRE REALI DEL PIEMONTE, ROYAL MUSEUMS, FONDAZIONE TORINO MUSEI. The brainchild of the ASSESSORATO ALLA CULTURA DEL COMUNE DI TORINO.

Info & Reservations 
From 17/02/2024 to 31/12/2024