The first widespread digital edition of the St Martino Fair in Chieri, historically reaching its 42nd edition, began on Friday November 6th, 2020.
The digital platform is almost an obligatory choice in this out-of-the-ordinary year, a destiny common to many other national events, and not only: A challenge to give the event a new impetus, an opportunity to promote the traditional products and gastronomy of the Chieri area, an opportunity to involve the greatest number of operators and meet with an even wider audience.
The event will take place over a period of one month, with numerous contents ranging from talk shows to workshops with producers, from show cooking to visits to local realities, all strongly marked by the exaltation of local excellences such as Vermouth, the Chieri focaccia (a type of flat Italian bread), rubatà (breadsticks) and Freisa (red wine). The protagonists are the Masters of Taste but also local chefs, the cellars of the Freisa Consortium of Chieri and Torino Hill, the Historic Shops of the city.
The online content will be accessible via various platforms: the website and the Instagram and YouTube pages of the Municipality of Chieri, the Facebook pag.
Contact info
Centro storico, Chieri (TO)

45.008872, 7.8275741

From 06/11/2020 to 05/12/2020

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