Give us a break”: the process that leads to the definition of its own form, connotation or, in a single word, identity. The theme of the season is the search for identity that takes shape here in the blend of codes and in the continual search for correspondences in the different expressive languages.

•    21-22/01 Italy45, una commedia musicale anni ‘40 - by and with Greta Zamparini+Sax Nicosia, national premiere - streaming;
•    17-19/02 Le cose abitate - with Olivia Manescalchi+Federico Tolardo, national premiere - streaming;
•    17-19/03 Un tram che si chiama desiderio - by Tennessee Williams, with Olivia Manescalchi+Giulio Cavallini+Riccardo Livermore, national premiere.

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Via Baretti, 4, 10125, Torino (TO)

45.0580058, 7.6789646

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From 26/10/2020 to 05/03/2021

    All shows, events are suspended

    From 21/01/2021 to 22/01/2021

      Italy45, una commedia musicale anni ‘40 - di e con Greta Zamparini+Sax Nicosia, anteprima nazionale - streaming;

      From 17/02/2021 to 19/02/2021

        Le cose abitate - con Olivia Manescalchi+Federico Tolardo, anteprima nazionale - streaming;

        From 17/03/2021 to 19/03/2021

          Un tram che si chiama desiderio - di Tennessee Williams, con Olivia Manescalchi+Giulio Cavallini+Riccardo Livermore, anteprima nazionale
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