- of Torino offers a new online course devoted to all sky and astrophotography enthusiasts, a basic course for those who want to get to know this topic in a simple and intuitive way starting from night landscapes and the Moon, and then continuing on with shooting techniques suitable for planets, nebulae, galaxies, clusters of stars and comets. We will find out how to make the most of the camera, which setting to choose, how to connect it to the telescope and how to process the shots in post production to get the best possible result.

The course is divided into two modules, which can also be used separately: landscape astrophotography + planetary and deep-sky photography
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  • € 180,00
    Full price
    180 € per l’intero corso, 90 € per il modulo di astrofotografia paesaggistica, 120 € per il modulo di fotografia planetaria e del profondo cielo.

From 18/03/2021 to 06/05/2021