The 2020 edition, entitled “Ludens”, is inspired by the humorous science-fiction story “The Unicorn Variation” by Roger Zelazny, who imagines a surreal and ironic chess game between Man and a fantastic creature, the Unicorn, in a battle to the last move. It is precisely this immortal game - chess - that inspires this edition: the chessboard as a space for the stage, like a field open to every possibility and the infinite variations of choice, the game as a gym for action, as a creative capacity, an ideal tool for reinterpreting the past and imagining all possible futures.

Flashback awaits you in Turin from 5 to 8 November 2020 in the city’s galleries and also as a virtual showcase from 5 November to 7 March 2021 through viewing rooms, pages dedicated to the galleries and much more.
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From 05/11/2020 to 08/11/2020

    From 05/11/2020 to 07/03/2021

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