Torinostratosferica is a city-imaging project: a workshop to unleash the creative potential of urban imagination and to investigate the impact of visionary ideas on the city.
If we could change Torino, how should we do it?
The main focus of Torinostratosferica revolves around a question that we ask ourselves less and less: how do we envision our city in the future?
The entire project wants to stimulate the debate on what the “ideal” Torino is, fostering original, audacious, and contemporary visions - some feasible, others purely utopian - for the places, the inhabitants, the activities and services, the culture, and the public perception of the city.
Torinostratosferica will be a collective space for imagination, an environment of experimentation and research, a source of new ideas, something that the city needs crucially.
Torinostratosferica will be an “experiment” in which different disciplines will meet in collective laboratories where representatives of numerous contemporary languages will develop out-of-the-box analyses and visions.
Contact info
Via Bologna 32, 10152, Torino (TO)

45.0703273, 7.686866

  • Free

From 23/10/2020 to 25/10/2020

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