The sixth edition of TOdays – already largely outlined and announced – would have brought a rainbow of incredible international, italian and local artists to Turin. Life often puts us in front of doubts and complex tests, never faced before; only after some time it will be clear whether we have done our best. Difficult times create strong men and women, this is our experience: so if stopping is an instinct, going ahead is a choice.

We don’t stop and together we will work intensively right now to create an exceptional next edition in 2021; we are working to re-confirm the already announced artists and many others, without going back one step in the artistic quality. We don’t stop and TOdays Festival will stay alive all year round: no longer just a great event, but a bigger ideal to pursue, a community of people, a network of collaborations and a set of new ideas that we will soon share with all you and who will accompany us straight until next summer.

45.0703223, 7.686875

From 15/10/2020 to 31/05/2021

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