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Robotics and industrial automation made in Italy

Comau is an Italian company highly specialized in the production of automation processes, production services and welding robots.
Entering the factory of Grugliasco will make it possible for you to see up close how a company operates which has made technological innovation the cornerstone of its activity.

The tour begins with a video presentation of the company and then immerses you in the production activity by following its path that goes through the plant. This experience will be a unique opportunity to get to know the backstage of a company operating in different sectors, but with only one guiding principle: technology!
Via Rivalta, 30, 10095 Grugliasco (TO)

45.0519229, 7.5766608

  • Visite guidate
    Visite per gruppi su richiesta/Visits for groups on request

    Durata/Duration: 1h30
    Pax/Participants: min 10 / max 60
    Lingua/Language: ITA - EN
    Età minima/Minimum age: 16 anni/years
    Prezzo/Price: € 2,00 a persona incluso diritto di prenotazione/per person reservation fee included
  • Visita parzialmente accessibile