Torino continues to be a centre of European and international culture.
A wide array of styles, forms and languages disclose the city of monuments, royal palaces, churches, spirituality, events, music, galleries, cinema and literature...
From the Royal Palace to the Church of Consolata, the Regio Teathre and the National Museum of Cinema, the cultural itineraries are countless, and never predictable. And there's an infinite choice of attractions outside the city as well: in Rivoli Castle whose Baroque rooms host the Museum of Contemporary Art; in Canavese where the castles of Agliè and Masino are gems of post-Renaissance architecture surrounded by beautiful gardens; in the Susa and Chisone Valleys where there are the ancient fortresses of Fenestrelle and Exilles that barred the way to the Alpine passes. Alternatively there is a very special itinerary taking in abbeys, monasteries and sacred mounts: starting with the Basilica of Superga, on Turin's hills, and the Saint Michael's Abbey at the mouth of the Susa Valley, some of Piedmont's symbols recognised all over the world.