History, culture and... coffee

From Piazza Castello to Piazza Vittorio Veneto: by way of porticoes, galleries and streets steeped in history, to discover architecture from Roman times up to the nineteenth-century. And remember to stop off for a coffee break at one of the many historic cafés.


DURATION: 2 hours at a brisk pace, 3 if more relaxed with a stop for coffee

WHEN: any time, any season RECOMMENDED: for those who love the atmospheres of baroque, neo-classical and Art Nouveau and the charm of cafés of the literati

YOU’LL BE ABLE TO SAY: “Haven’t you ever been to Torino? It has some marvellous buildings!”




• The linen cloth known as the Holy Shroud was brought to Torino in 1578. It was last put on public display in 1998 and in 2000. However, in the mean time, a photographic copy can be seen in the first chapel on the left inside the cathedral. It is kept in the Cathedral, while a photographic copy is on display in the first chapel on the left

• In the Ristorante del Cambio in Piazza Carignano you can still see the table where the Count of Cavour used to sit. The restaurant was once a coaching inn where horses were changed

• At number 1 in Via Pois the Gioielleria Musy. Founded in 1707, it is the oldest jeweller’s in Italy

• When the Mole Antonelliana was inaugurated in 1889, it was the tallest brick building in Europe


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