Royal Museums
The Royal Library, founded by Carlo Alberto in 1837, is part of the Royal Museums complex designed by the architect Carlo Amadeo of Castellamonte, residence of the Royal House of Savoy until 1865.

The monumental Salone was designed by the court architect Pelagio Pelagi who filled the Library with precious double height wooden shelves and had the ceilings painted by the artists Moja and Trefogli in monochrome subjects depicting Science and the Arts.

It holds important collections of manuscripts, illuminated manuscripts, engravings, more than 2,000 drawings, and, above all, the fund acquired by Carlo Alberto, of Leonardo da Vinci drawings including the Self-portrait, the Face of the Angel, preparatory drawing for the Virgin of the Rocks held in the Louvre, and the Codex on the flight of birds.

The Royal Library will be open to scholars by reservation at least 24 hours in advance. For information:

Piazza Castello 191, 10122 Torino (TO)

45.0718269, 7.6862722

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