The Forum in Omegna hosts the permanent collection of household objects from the local Cusio industries. The area stands out thanks to a technological and quality household object manufacture, which has attracted the most renowned worldwide designers in recent years.
The historic local manufacturers include Alessi, a worldwide famous design enterprise, Lagostina, one of the pioneers of houseware production and Bialetti, the unmistakable historic brand of the Italian moka coffeepot.
The tour is accompanied by information panels which narrate the history of the sector companies from the nineteenth century to date and the evolution of the advertising field. The protagonists are also represented by photographs highlighting both their managerial and their family roles.
The exhibition is spread over four rooms and supported by audio media providing direct interviews, anecdotes and behind-the-scene glimpses, narrated by the protagonists, which ensure the visit is interactive and engaging.
There are also several temporary exhibitions throughout the year, focusing on the world of both local and international design.

For information on opening hours and fees, visit the museum website.

Parco Maulini, 1, 28887 Omegna (VB)

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