The exhibition was rearranged under the curatorship of the artist’s official biographer, Concetta Leto, assisted by artist Bruno Fassetta.
It is divided into sections, corresponding to the various pictorial cycles of Alessandri’s artistic production (1927-2000), and offers visitors a view of over 80 works (including oils, drawings and engravings) that highlight the evolution of the style of the visionary and fantastic master, founder in 1964 of the artistic group Surfanta and the magazine of the same name.
Some works by Colombotto Rosso, Molinari, Pontecorvo, Camerini and Abacuc, historical posters of the group’s exhibitions, photographs and video presentations complete the monographic exhibition, highlighting the originality of the pictorial language of Alessandri, who lived in Giaveno for fifty years.
The Alessandri Museum opens to the public free of charge every Sunday, in an experimental phase, offering tours guided by the curator who will delve into the language and pictorial expression of the most enigmatic artist of the Italian 20th century.
The tour is also guided by the availability for visitors of descriptive cards for each work that can be consulted within the exhibition space. The refurbished spaces on the ground floor include, in addition to the large exhibition hall, a reception area, a small room for the historical archive and several other rooms for activities and workshops.

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