The visit to the museum, which is housed in some service rooms of the parish Church of San Martino, includes a visit to the chapel of the Confraternity of the blessed Name of Jesus.
Among the works on display are the famous 17th-century Ostension of the Shroud with the depictions of the Dukes Emanuele Filiberto and Carlo Emanuele I of Savoy, from the chapel of the Venera hamlet, and the wooden Crucifix by Stefano Maria Clemente, from the church of Col San Giovanni.
One room is devoted to ancient liturgical objects: vestments, reliquaries, altar cards, eighteenth-century missals, altar systems including the seventeenth-century chalice with the effigy of San Martino.

It is part of the Diffused Museum of the Viù Valley which consists of three sections housed in as many locations: the Environmental Heritage Section, in the hall of Alpine cults in the Tazzetti Museum in Usseglio; the Section devoted to History, housed in some rooms of the parish Church of San Martino; the Section of Art in the former chapel of the Confraternity of the blessed Name of Jesus, in Lemie.

Limited visits in compliance with the prevention rules

Piazzale chiesa parrocchiale di San Martino, 10070 Viù (TO)

45.23876, 7.37755

From 10/07/2021 to 29/08/2021

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    15:00 - 18:00
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