The chapel of the blessed Andrea and Giacomo of Horres, near Millaures (Bardonecchia) is located on the edge of a mountain pasture, in a splendid position that dominates the whole basin of Bardonecchia. Its construction probably dates back to the end of the fifteenth century, and is completely decorated, both outside and inside, by pictorial cycles created by three distinct fresco artists who operated simultaneously around the 1530s.
Outside there is a fascinating Cavalcade of Vices and Virtues, unfortunately partially mutilated, to which the representation of Saints Peter and Andrew is superimposed. In the scene of the ride, the individual vices are played by men and women with legs astride symbolic animals and tied to the animal’s neck by a chain, which are pushed by a host of devils towards the mouth of the Leviathan, located on the left. The interior, embellished with a beautiful wooden choir, is almost completely decorated. The area of the presbytery hosts scenes from the life of St. Andrew the Apostle, in addition to the depictions of an elegant St. Lucia and a fragmentary St. Anthony of Padua, while the vaults of the prayer hall present scenes from the life and martyrdom of St. James, which is flanked by the representation of the Mass of St. Gregory and St. George killing the dragon.

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