The Chaffaux chapel is dedicated to Santa Maria Maddalena and Santa Caterina d’Alessandria and dates back to the first half of the 15th century. The stoup shows the date of 10 May 1446, while the external frescoes show the dates 1537 and 1540; dated 1575 is the wooden bookrest with the name of St. Catherine engraved on it.
Inside, after the campaign of restoration during the summer of 2012, valuable sixteenth-century frescoes relating to the stories of the life and martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria have come to light, hitherto hidden by various coats of whitewashing. In some frames of the apse wall there are also represented Saint Mary Magdalene and St. Francis with the tunic and the stigmata. On the base of the altar, a fresco represents Veronica: The central subject is Saint Veronica, dressed in a red cloak that covers her head, which keeps the cloth raised showing the face of Jesus imprinted on it.
The composition is made on an ocher background surrounded by a blue frame that reflects the color of the apse wall of the chapel. The painter, stylistically very valid, is identified, for stylistic affinities, with the master who created the frescoes of the Church of San Sebastiano in Plampinet and those recently rediscovered in the chapel of the Annunciation of the Oulme in Salbertrand.
Frazione Chaffaux, 10052 Bardonecchia (TO)

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