This sanctuary enjoys a wonderful location at the bottom of a shady valley, not far from the waters of the Stura: it was due to the vow of a fisherman that the Church originated, in which there is incorporated an ancient shrine erected as the first place of worship and considered miraculous. Until a few years ago, in front of the Church there was a great, centuries old elm, now felled. The building, dating back to 1738, is surrounded on three sides by a beautiful colonnade erected to shelter the pilgrims from the weather. The structure of the building contains elements typical to mountain chapels: the roof covered with stone slabs (loze) and plain and essential facade, painted in white. The original shrine, incorporated in the wall that divides the chapel from the sacristy, is situated to one side of the altar; the pulpit is curious in that, at the lower part, it becomes the confessional. The day of the Sanctuary is celebrated on 8 September.
Località Chiandusseglio, 10070 Lemie (TO)

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