Its foundation dates back to a very dramatic moment for Piedmont, devastated by the invasions of the French army. In the early 18th century, as a sign of thanksgiving for the expulsion of the enemy, a chapel was built on the ruins of a 14th century temple, which in turn had been built on the site of a shrine. While excavating for its foundations, numerous skeletons were found emanating a sweet fragrance, an unequivocal sign of holiness: the remains were recognised as belonging to soldiers of the Theban Legion, a Roman military unit made up of Christians martyred for refusing to recant. The church, surrounded by lush vegetation and quiet fields, is surrounded by a wall. The facade of 1779 is elegant: the portal is flanked by two niches that contain two statues of San Giovanni Bosco. The Sanctuary, with a rectangular layout, has a marble altar from 1891, topped by a stone niche with a glass case containing a statue of Mary holding Jesus. Of considerable merit is the dome, on which stands the figure of the Virgin who, overwhelmed by grief and surrounded by four angels, is clutching the cross to herself. Solemn celebrations are held on 8 September and 21 November.
Regione Corsani, 10070 Balangero (TO)

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