This is highest Sanctuary in the Lanzo Valleys: it is built at 1874m on a grassy terrace from which can be seen all the Val Grande. Its remote location, the presence of canals and cups on some boulders and the many legends about the area all confirm the ancient origins of this place as a place of devotional practices dating back to pre-Christian cults. The construction, of 18th century origin, seems humble yet hospitable at the same time and has very simple architecture: the central door is flanked by two small windows and a bell-tower in front and inside there is a single altar and in a niche is a statue of Madonna del Carmine. In the Sanctuary there are kept about seventy votive offerings of very ancient origin, evidence of the intense and constant expression of faith towards this site. The day of the Sanctuary is on 16 July: the night before the Saturday closest to this date, a beautiful bonfire is lit on the slopes below to announce the event.
Frazione Vonzo, 10070 Chialamberto (TO)

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