The presence of a such a large and solemn building in a sparsely inhabited village, even in centuries past, can only be understood if it is seen as a place of worship from time immemorial, at the crossroads of paths leading to the pastures: this hypothesis is supported by having found stone artefacts, stone carvings and cavities dug into the rock, all signs of ancient rites. The Sanctuary dates back to 1771, but there was certainly a chapel there beforehand which, in turn, had been built on the site of a shrine. Directly on the baroque facade there is a small central bell-tower. The frescoes inside are from the early 19th century and depict scenes from the Gospels. On the sections of the vault there are represented in full size the four Evangelists. The walls are covered with more than two hundred votive offering, a reflection of religiosity related to everyday life; made using various techniques (paintings on metal, canvas and wood panels) or consisting of hearts in silver, prints and oleographs, they represent a significant social and historical record of the valley. There are no altars or chapels at the side, but just some confessionals and a pulpit.
The festivities occur on 15 August with a candlelight procession the night before, and on 8 September.
Frazione Mecca, 10070 Monastero di Lanzo (TO)

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