The Sanctuary of San Besso is located in Val Soana at the head of the Campiglia Soana valley, at an altitude of 2,019 metres, at the foot of Monte Fantono within the Gran Paradiso National Park.
It can be reached from Campiglia, in about 1.30 hours’ walk, along an initial unpaved section of the royal hunting road and then along an easy path, or also from Piamprato via a more spectacular but longer route.

The sanctuary is located in a very ancient place of worship under a cliff, known as ’Monte Fautenio’, which may have been worshipped already in pre-Christian times. The place was also along the route connecting the Val di Cogne and the Canavese.
The sanctuary was built in the 17th century and completed in 1669. In later years, there are reports of an extension of the premises for pilgrims. Major restoration work was carried out in 1857 and then in 1985.
The Bausano alpine hut can be used to facilitate hiking on the sanctuary premises.
An important pilgrimage takes place at the shrine on 10 August.
Frazione Campiglia, 10080 Valprato Soana (TO)

45.5221595, 7.5501545