Fourth appointment of Camaleontika 9, a review of theatre, dance and music. The show, winner of I Teatri del Sacro 2019, deals with the theme of forgiveness and its possibility in human relationships.

It recounts the lives of two families whose destinies intersect in one evening. The remorse that consumes, the anger that devours, the pain that leaves one standing, the time that seems to pass in vain. Yet it also tells of the possibility that the pain inflicted and the pain suffered speak a common language, that empathy is not just abstract hyperbole and that the human being, who knows the contagion of laughter and weeping, can still recognise the human being behind the guilt.
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Via Avigliana 17, Almese (TO)
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    per i soci di Fabula Rasa e M.O.V. Moderne Officine Valsusa

From 05/03/2023 to 05/03/2023

  • Sun
    21:00 - 22:15
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