The Castellamonte Concert Association, in collaboration with the Filarmonica, continues a cultural and performing tradition that began in 1946, involving artists and spectators from all over north-western Italy. The 2023 season has been carefully planned, raising the quality level of the proposals considerably.
The review opens on Saturday 6 May at 9.15 p.m. at the Casa della Musica with an evening entirely dedicated to Castellamonte during which Dr. Giorgio Ponzetto will be remembered, with musicians from the local School of Music performing the classical concert "Liszt and Poulenc - sonatas compared".
On Saturday, 20 May, brass musicians Yannick Vallet and Matteo Borga, trombonists, students at the Conservatories of Aosta and Novara, selected for Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta for the ’Thomas Kuti’ European Music Competition, will be the stars. They will perform in Castellamonte in a show entitled "Brass Vibrations", joined by Samuele Brocco on tuba and Luca Buat on trumpet with music by F. Schubert, H. Purcell, A. Ferreira, and S. Wonder.
The highlight of the festival is scheduled for Sunday, 18 June at the railway unloader when the charismatic Alex Negro will conduct the Sunshine Gospel Choir, an undisputed Italian musical excellence.
The following Sunday, 25 June in the afternoon, the Castellamonte Philharmonic, conducted by Maestro Dino Domatti, will perform for the first time in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.
The month of June closes, on Friday 30, with a musical festival in Piazza della Repubblica and the protagonist will be trumpeter Enrico Negro, accompanied by his Orchestra Spettacolo, who will entertain and dance all those present.
The festival will close on Saturday 9 September, at the end of the Mostra della Ceramica, with the show ’Lontano nel mondo - storia di Luigi Tenco’ (Far away in the world - Luigi Tenco’s story), with pianist Elena Buttiero, and narrator and guitarist Ferdinando Molteri. All performances are free admission.
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Salone dei Concerti Michele Romana - Piazza della Repubblica 35, Castellamonte (TO)

45.3827141, 7.7133628

  • Free admission

From 06/05/2023 to 09/09/2023

    From 18/06/2023 to 18/06/2023

    • Sun
      21:15 - 23:45
    Scaricatore Ferroviario

    From 25/06/2023 to 25/06/2023

    • Sun
      21:15 - 23:45
    Piazza Vittorio Veneto

    From 30/06/2023 to 30/06/2023

    • Fri
      21:15 - 23:45
    Piazza della Repubblica

    From 09/09/2023 to 09/09/2023

    • Sat
      21:15 - 23:15
    Salone dei concerti Michele Romana
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