After the announcement of her recording comeback with "Blu", a true album, poised between emotion and reason, Giorgia is back on stages all over Italy with a new tour, "BLU LIVE", which will live in two different moments, between the intimate warmth of the opera house and the opening of the large spaces of the palasport. The artist has chosen to start immediately with the most vivid and intense sounds and direct contact with the public: "BLU LIVE - TEATRI LIRICI" will take Giorgia to the most prestigious opera houses between May and June. A long journey that will start on 2 May from the San Carlo Theatre in Naples and will cross the whole peninsula.
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Corso Sebastopoli 123, 10134, Torino (TO)

45.0425771, 7.6514186

From 13/12/2023 to 13/12/2023

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