Emptiness is a central concept in Buddhist doctrine: emptiness is not only the moment before the birth of all things, but also the final emptiness, the liberation of all sentient beings on a cosmic level. The exhibition ’The Great Void. From sound to image’ is intended to offer the public a particularly engaging multi-sensory experience and is also a strong sign of hope for a future that is proving uncertain and discouraging.

The exhibition opens with a large empty space. It is not an empty space, however, but a space that is gradually saturated by the presence of the notes of the young, award-winning Roman composer Vittorio Montalti, who has composed the piece "Il Grande Vuoto" (The Great Void) for the occasion.

Visitors are invited by the music to follow an experiential and meditative path, to reach the fulcrum of the exhibition, in the Sala Colonne: here an extremely rare Tibetan thangka from the 15th century is on display, the most precious of the MAO’s collections, depicting Maitreya, the Buddha of the Future, depicted in splendid robes and seated on the lions’ throne.
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