The Reggia of Venaria 2021 programme is characterised by a main theme: it is, in fact, entitled GREEN, with events, initiatives and presentations for the year wholly dedicated to nature and marked by the passing of the seasons

The events accompany visitors on a journey through art, history and nature, aimed at enhancing the relationship between Man, the environment and sustainability. A relationship of which the Reggia of Venaria is a historical expression, highlighting from the outset an intimate and inseparable link between gardens, park, town and surrounding agricultural areas.

From 21st June, the Citroniera Juvarriana will be hosting the exhibition “Infinite beauty - Landscape and environment in Italia from Romantic to contemporary art”, while the restoration of the Hercules’ Fountain will be inaugurated with the arrival of autumn. The entire calendar is divided into four musical chapters entitled “Largo in Spring”, “Presto is Summer”, “Adagio of Autumn” and “Allegro in Winter”.

For each period, the public will be able to enjoy a wide range of activities, in turn divided into:
DreamGreen: shows, music, dance and theatre, the highlight of which will be in summer
DiscoverGreen: themed guided tours, animation, discussions, insights and symposia to learn about the sustainable Reggia
CreateGreen: workshops ranging from recycling to tree pruning, from creating a work-of-art to landscaping
LiveGreen: wellness events to offer and spread sustainable lifestyles La Venaria Reale. Where time comes to life.

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