Mimmo Jodice’s exhibition Senza tempo, curated by Roberto Koch, is the second chapter of the project "La Grande Fotografia Italiana" (The Great Italian Photography), launched in 2022 with the exhibition of Lisetta Carmi. This project was created with the intention of paying homage to the great masters of photography in our country. The exhibition projects also envisage the involvement of another artist alongside the chosen author: in this case, Mario Martone, a famous director and author, directed and made a documentary film on the life of Mimmo Jodice, his friend and fellow citizen, which is being shown in the exhibition rooms for the first time. Born in Naples in 1934, Jodice approached photography attracted by its ability to create visions. It is a refined and intimate process that is nourished by his personal memories, by an existence lived in a city like Naples, both dazzling and secret, made up of places and memories to be revealed and understood. In short, the exhibition is dedicated to Mimmo Jodice’s unique ability to show us reality seen through the filter of a different, suspended time.
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