Movie Arenas

Four arenas to experience cinema in summer.


CINEMA AL CASTELLO (about 500 seats)
A summer arena in the evocative setting of the courtyard of the Valentino Castle, from July to August.
The main thematic sections of the arena will be: Previews (city, regional or national film previews); Uscimmo a riveder le stelle (a selection of classic films, to be discovered for the first time or to watch on the big screen); Best of (a collection of some of the films most loved by audiences and critics from the past season); Family (a program - of animated and non-animated films - addressed to everyone, but especially to the youngest).

CINEMA A PALAZZO (about 250 seats)
An arena inside the Court of Honour of the Royal Palace, from July to August, with projections every day (except Monday). The events scheduled include an evening tribute to Fellini; a tribute to Alberto Sordi on the centenary of his birth and, more generally, to the protagonists of the Italian Comedy; a cycle of films on woman; an evening dedicated to the photographer Robert Capa; racism analyzed over time in films from the 1950s to films of the last season; great films of the past presented for the first time in their restored version to the Turin public; film previews in the presence of the author or the cast; a selection of auteur films from the last season. Furthermore, as is tradition, this edition also will create a dialogue between artistic, musical and cinematographic languages.



In the open spaces of the Oratorio Michele Rua in the neighbourhood Barriera di Milano, from July to August. The 2020 edition will no longer involve multiple spaces, but will focus on a single location, the Small Arena, set up in collaboration with the Cineteatro Monterosa. Eighteen scheduled appointments, with three days of screening dedicated to specific genres: Monday will be dedicated to fiction, Wednesday to documentaries and real life cinema, Friday to families and the young. All the screenings will be in silent movie mode so as not to disturb the people living near the arena. In addition, the common theme connecting the events of the season will be “Turin City of Cinema 2020”: classics shot in the city will be screened along with shorts, fiction films and documentaries.

PORTOFRANCO SUMMER NIGHT 2020 - 10^ EDIZIONE (about 100 seats)
The courtyard of the House of the San Salvario neighbourhood, a meeting place and crossroads of cultural initiatives and proposals, is the ideal location to host an arena with about 100 seats.
The cinematographic programme intends to reproduce the PortoFranco format, the permanent exhibition of invisible cinema of the CineTeatro Baretti. The aim of the exhibition - which will be held in silent movie mode so as to not disturb - is to reach a wide target; all the screenings will be introduced by a presentation.
During the events it will be possible to donate money or food to help those in difficulty as part of the “Solidarity Network in support of the population hit by the Covid-19 emergency”.
Every Tuesday and Thursday, from July to September. .