Pinerolo area and low Susa valley

Tour by bicycle (gravel / trekbike) 

Available dates:
from april to october

Very rich tour of four days, suitable for gravel and trekking bikes. With departure and arrival in Turin, the itinerary takes mostly on secondary roads, bike paths, dirt roads and short stretches of paths wisely chosen to meet along the way the most significant point of interest.
The tour is recommended for cyclists with some habit of climbing; This allows you to easily overcome the few short (but still present) sections of steep uphill and it allows you while maintaining an adequate pace, to enjoy with peace of mind the many cues that the itinerary offers.

25 Km
300 mt of elevation gain

Meeting in the early afternoon with the participants of the tour at the hotel, delivery and preparation of the bikes requested if any is needed for hiring. Mid-difficulty ride along the river Po and on the lower hill of Turin, some sections on asphalt and some sections on dirt roads, to reach the most scenic view points of the city and of the Alps in the background. Dinner on your own, overnight stay in the hotel.

75 Km
900 mt of elevation gain

Departure from Turin’s old town streets and squares (visit of historical city centre), then riding in the bike lanes and in the parks along the cycle itinerary of Corona di delizie we get to the towns of Collegno and Rivoli. After the old town and the Castle of Rivoli, we ride the beautiful morainic hill of Rivoli, then with a succession of dirt roads, easy paths and short asphalt sections, we get to the medieval old town of Avigliana. Riding now on a section of the Susa Valley cycle road, we get to Sant’Ambrogio of Turin, where we stop for a beer tasting at the San Michele Brewery. Then while cycling on the bike lane of the Susa Valley, with a short detour we can admire the impressive Gorge of Foresto to reach then the old town of Susa (with a visit). One more climb get us to San Rocco di Giaglione town (farmhouse Cré Seren) for a typical wines tasting of the territory, dinner and overnight stay.

75 km
900 mt of elevation gain

After a quick downhill we arrive in Susa town, then riding in the opposite side of the valley to the one we have been on the day before to enter in the Park of Mareschi and Avigliana lake, for passing through the Mareschi swampland and stopping near the Avigliana lakes for a picnic break. By an ascending path, we reach Giaveno town and then the hill of Cumiana, which allows us to overcome from Sangone valley and to get down into the Pinerolo area, where a flat section leads us to Pinerolo old town. Dinner and overnight stay.


85 km
300 mt of elevation gain

After a ride through the old town streets of Pinerolo (with a visit), we reach Bricherasio town, for a typical local wine tasting, then we ride on secondary roads crossing the stream Pellice, to get the Cavour hill and the river Po in Cardè area, then by a pleasant dirt path along the river, we enter in Villafranca old town. The itinerary now follows the Spring road cycle path (picnic stop at the Vigone springs), then following the secondary roads, we enter in the Stupinigi park (hunting royal house). A safe path get us to Vallere park in Moncalieri town (with a short detour we reach the historic old town and the Moncalieri Castle) riding back to Turin passing through Valentino park (Medieval hamlet and Valentino Castle).

Participation price: from € 390

The cost includes:
assistance along the entire route of 2 bike tour guides licenced from the Piedmont Region, the guided bike tour of the historic centers of Turin, Susa and Pinerolo, a vehicle for assistance and luggage delivery, 3 overnights stay and breakfasts, 2 dinners (the wines are excluded at Crè Seren farmhouse), 1 beer tasting at the brewery, 1 wine tasting at the winery, 2 lunch boxes.

The bike tour guides, provide the information of the territory, technical support along the rides and organizational assistance during the entire tour.

Possibility to rent touring bikes for € 55.00 for the entire period, and e-bikes for € 90.00.

Anemos Itinerari del Vento


Contact info
STRADA VAL PATTONERA 57, 10100, Torino (TO)

45.0342485, 7.6873418

From 01/04/2021 to 31/10/2021