Visite guidate a Torino

From 13 to 21 November from the Nitto ATP Finals Fan Village in piazza San Carlo, 4 different free guided tours will start every day on foot offered by Torino Chamber of Commerce. The tours are in Italian/English.

- Why, why, why… 60 minutes tour, for curious visitors 
Turin is our home, and we here, glad to let you in. We’ll walktogether to discover the town’s vibe, our way of living and how we are perceived by those who don’t feel the local mood.
Departure at 10.30 am

- But… how did those Savoy people live? 
The House of Savoy… there was the time of the Iron-Head (Testadi Ferro)and that of the Handsome (il Bello), and that of the Fox (la Volpe)… and then that of exceptional, intrepid and over-ambitious ladies. In Turin, we just call them by their first names. We know them this way. They are our Madams.
Departure at 10.30 am

- Tour of Historical Cafés
The historical cafés in Turin are for sure some of the most fascinating and elegant places in town. At their tables used to seat  important figures such as Camillo Benso di Cavour, Luigi Einaudi, Cesare Pavese, Friedrich Nietzsche and many more. The political and cultural history of Italy as a whole and of Turin was written here, between satin tapestry and stylish chandeliers. Along the way, You will experience the atmosphere of old-time Turin, stepping by cafés part of the Luoghi Storici d’Italia(Historical Places in Italy) list. 
Departure at 5.30 pm

- Tour Luci d’Artista
Luci d’artista (Lights by Artists) project turns Turin into the most shimmering town in Italy and at the same time into an open air museum, thanks to light displays created by internationally renowned contemporary artists, invited throughout the years to illuminate squares, churches and monuments, creating a unique and suggestive atmosphere. During the tour you will discover some of the most fascinating creations. 
Departure at 5.30 pm

Visits are free with booking required via the N·SŌ app (available from the App Store and Google Play).

Tours are offered with the collaboration of the tourist guides associations Federagit Torino and G.I.A.