I Gofri

Gofri, according to a traditional Piedmontese recipe from the Chisone and Germanasca valleys, are wafers made with water, flour and yeast, cooked in special griddles called 'goufres irons' or 'gofriere' that give at gofri their traditional shape.
Gofri are characterised by being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and are distinguished from wafels, which are prepared in northern Europe, by the thickness of the wafer. Goufres irons are made of cast iron and have the characteristic checkerboard pattern that remains printed on the wafer during cooking.
After a few years of oblivion, gofres have now been rediscovered and can be enjoyed at village fairs or 'Gofrerie'; they can be eaten 'au naturel' or filled with cold meats, cheese, jams or chocolate creams.