Toma d’Trausela

Tuma 'd Trausela (Toma di Trausella) is a very fresh cheese made from freshly  milk, suitable for almost immediate consumption (1-2 days).
Tuma 'd Trausela is the toma par excellence, at least according to the traditional definition that distinguished tome (small fresh curds for immediate consumption) from real cheeses (the result of more accurate processing and suitable for preservation).
Today, toma cheese continues to be produced in the surrounding municipalities (in less than ten farms), according to the ancient recipe: the warm milk from milking (or slightly heated in the winter months) is curdled and left to curdle briefly.
After an hour, the curd is collected intact with a ladle and placed to drain in a perforated mould lined with a cotton cloth. The toma cheese is ready the next day.