Mint and medicinal herbs

The designation Mint of Pancalieri refers to the botanical species Mentha Piperita variety Officinalis Sole, form Rubescens Camus, known as Mint Italo-Mitcham. Of the mint, either the green plant is used, which is dried for preservation and used in herbal medicine, or the essential oil obtained exclusively by steam distillation of the whole green herb (not shredded) from the cultivation of the species itself.
Peppermint is a medicinal crop cultivated in the open field on farms in a geographical area straddling the Piedmontese provinces of Turin and Cuneo, better identified as 'Pancalierese', because the municipality of Pancalieri is a small town in the province of Turin, on the border with the province of Cuneo, which rightly enjoys the appellation of Isola d'erba (grass island).
The municipalities in the province of Turin that are part of the officinal basin are: Pancalieri, Virle Piemonte, Castagnole Piemonte, Piobesi Torinese, Carignano, Carmagnola Osasio, Lombriasco, Vigone and Villafranca Piemonte.