From porcini to laricini, from royal to chiodini, mushroom picking is ancient and there are numerous varieties present throughout the foothills and valleys. The undisputed homelands of mushrooms are Giaveno and San Pietro Val Lemina, but in the Pinerolo, Val Sangone and Canavese areas there are numerous autumn festivals dedicated to the mushroom.
The most important food and wine competition is the 'Fungo d'oro' (Golden Mushroom), in which numerous chefs, international guests and students from Italian hotel schools participate.
The City of Giaveno has regulated the varieties of mushrooms allowed to be sold at its daily seasonal market in Via Coazze.

Mushrooms are enjoyed raw or breaded, fried, pickled and pickled in oil.
Also particularly appreciated are spugnole, prataioli, lepiote or mazze di tamburo, 'bruin' and 'mutun'. Researchers, always equipped with the appropriate badge issued by the local Mountain Communities, are advised to always make sure before consumption of the edible quality of the mushrooms collected!
Many species can be confused, especially if they are young specimens; caution is never too much!