Departure: Novalesa
Arrival: Venaus
Km 6,9 / Elevation change - 619
The Strada Reale resumes a little way below, descending to Novalesa: here the woody landscape of Val Cenischia opens up in certain sections to display the glorious gorges and the waterfalls of the Cenischia river. Going along the Via Maestra, with its characteristic paving, remains can be seen of its historical past as a place for resting and transit towards the Moncenisio Pass: the internal architecture and frescoes of heraldic coats of arms in the ancient inns; the Parish Church of Santo Stefano with its rich collection of paintings donated by Napoleon, and the goldsmith's masterpiece of the Urn of Sant'Eldrado; the Museum of Religious Alpine Art and the Ethnographic Museum of Mountain Life. At the other side of the town, it is essential to deviate towards the Abbey of Novalesa, named after the Saints Pietro and Andrea, one of the oldest Benedictine monastic foundations in the Alps (726 AD): in its park there are some rural chapels of rare beauty, such as the Chapel of Sant'Eldrado (12th century), while part of the abbey complex is home to the Archaeological Museum.
, 10050 Moncenisio (TO)

45.204053970419, 6.9849014282227