Km 10 - Elevation Change - 1
In the Middle Ages, Castello di Annone played an important role in the defence of the city of Asti and as a resting place: at the foot of the castle there was a hospitalis for travellers and pilgrims.
A short stretch of the Via Fulvia, now a busy main road to Alessandria, makes it possible to reach the junction for Rocchetta Tanaro where you continue towards Cerro Tanaro. A small detour to Rocchetta, on the other hand, means being able to see the Church of Santa Maria de Flexio, known as "delle Ciappellette" owing to the decorations made from reused broken roof tiles, which was an annex to the Abbey of Pomposa and which has a Romanesque apse.
After Castello di Annone, the itinerary leaves the Asti hills and continues in the direction of Quattordio, known in Roman times for the presence of a milestone denoting the fourteenth mile from Asti. Here the mansions are of considerable interest, such as the 17th century Olivazzi Palace and the sumptuous Sanfront House, home of the Municipal Administration. 
, 14034 Castello di Annone (AT)

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