Km 9,8 / Elevation change - 32
After crossing the River Po at Gran Madre di Dio, the trail runs along the right bank of the river, through Michelotti Park and the Meisino Natural Reserve, continuing until San Mauro Torinese, already known by the ancient Romans as Pulchra Rada for its favourable location on a navigable stretch of the Po. In 991, Anselmo di Monferrato promoted the reconstruction of the Benedictine abbey of San Mauro di Pulcherada, previously destroyed by the Saracens: built over an existing Roman settlement, a town grew up around it. The abbey church, now dedicated to Santa Maria di Pulcherada and modified over the years, has retained its 12th century proto-gothic bell tower and an interesting Carolingian apse with 10th century pilasters and niches. In 1400, the town was renamed San Mauro, as a tribute to the Benedictine monk who stopped here on his return to France in the 16th century.
Along the way there are some interesting country chapels to be seen, such as the 16th century Sant'Anna and the 18th century San Rocco. The path also passes at the foot of Sambuy Castle, first documented in 991 and linked to St Mauro's stay. Lastly, this is where the evocative Pedaggio Vecchio was situated, the borderland between the Marquisate of Monferrato and the Duchy of Savoy.
, 10100 Torino (TO)

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