Departure: Claviere
Arrival: Cesana Torinese
Periodi consigliati:
15/06/2021 - 01/10/2021
Km 5,1 / Elevation change - 415
The marked path goes along the beautiful Gole di San Gervasio (which can also be crossed by taking the exciting Tibetan Rope Bridge), following the course of the river through to the asphalted road just above Cesana Torinese. You go through the centre of this Alpine hamlet up to the parish church of San Giovanni Battista which towers over the village and is characterised by a majestic bell-tower in Romanesque-Dauphin style and, inside, by a richly decorated wooden coffered ceiling of 1678. The route continues along a dirt road, running parallel and higher up than the state road, and takes to the picturesque villages of Mollieres and Solomiac.
, 10050 Claviere (TO)

44.936445788737, 6.7457342147827