Km 11,3 / Elevation Change - 13 + 9
You then continue towards Masio, on the first hills of Monferrato, the birthplace of Urbano Rattazzi and a splendid vantage point for enjoying a view of the Tanaro Valley, the vineyards and the ancient farmers' paths. The village's symbol is the old, 12th century Medieval tower, about 30m tall, but equally significant is the Parish Church of SS. Maria e Dalmazzo. A few kilometres from the town, in the village of Abazia, there is the Parish Church Regina degli Apostoli. After entering the dense brushwood, you reach the Castle of Redabue of medieval origins.

Walking along dirt roads through the countryside, you reach Oviglio, dominated by the Parish Church of SS. Felice e Agata, of Romanesque layout and with baroque decoration, and also the 14th century Castle which can claim a royal background because it had been bought by Queen Christine of Savoy.
After the Belbo stream, you proceed towards the archaeological area of Villa del Foro. One of the most probable hypotheses about this building's origin relates to the Roman victories over the Ligurians (179 BC) and the proposed organisation of the western Po river plain implemented by the Consul Marcus Fulvius Flaccus starting from 129 BC: this would be confirmed by a stretch of road identifiable with the Via Fulvia and indicated as the connection between the towns of Derthona-Tortona and Hasta-Asti
, 15028 Quattordio (AL)

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