Km 7,2 / Elevation Charge + 55
In the cemetery of Montafia is the small Church of San Martino. Also the cemetery of Bagnasco village, which is reached before coming to the chief town, has a surprise: the Minster of San Giorgio (12th century) with a basilica form of three naves and three impressive apses.
At Mongiglietto of Cortazzone, the Church of San Secondo (11th-12th centuries) requires a visit because of the exceptional decoration: on the frame over the portal is a shell ornament, one of the symbols of the pilgrim, which would indicate that the church was a place to stop along the Via Francigena; on the external walls there are human and geometric figures, animals and interwoven vegetables, the result of an inexhaustible imagination; the splendid capitals of the interior pillars (ask for the key from the nearby farmhouse) are another great source of symbolism: two-tailed sirens, fish, peacocks, fantastic animals mixed in a combination that is yet to be fully interpreted. The town is dominated by the medieval Castle rebuilt in the 18th century: of the original building there remain the ancient square tower and sections of the walls, with traces of Guelph merlons.
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