Km 13,4 / Elevation change - 267
Going for a short way along the state road, from the turnoff for Fenils, leads to another dirt road which heads towards the fork of Amazas. From here, avoiding the motorway crossing, you go up towards the village of San Marco and then, descending, you reach the Parish Church of Santa Maria Assunta which, by its Torre Delfinale (15th century), towers over the town of Oulx. At one time the location for the Prevostura (Provostship) of San Lorenzo (11th century), this hamlet became one of the main sites of the Escarton, an independent form of territory administration, still recalled in the Fiera Franca, the oldest free fair in the Susa Valley, granted in 1494 by the King of France as recompense for the damage incurred by the transit of armies.
, 10054 Cesana Torinese (TO)

44.9530286, 6.7936904000001